Introducing the first Toilet Handle Lock

The toilet handle is a magnet for mischief. Whether it's repetitive flushing, or the flushing of foreign objects, a curious toddler can wreak havoc in the bathroom. Locking the toilet lever is a simple solution to keep the flusher off limits while toddlers learn to use the potty independently.  Keep your pipes, water and sanity in tact today with FlushStop, the potty training toilet handle lock.

• Childproof
• Installs in seconds
• Fits most standard & custom levers
• Built to last: impact resistant with 3M adhesive
• Conserves water
      Lock The Toilet Lever, Not The Lid

    During the potty training years, experts suggest that toddlers be given access to the toilet to promote potty training independence. With the help of FlushStop, you can empower your child to use the potty while still maintaining control of how often the toilet is flushed and what goes down the drain.

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