New Potty Training Invention From A Real (Exasperated)Mom

November 22, 2016 Suzanne Barish

Ever pay $171 for a washcloth? Well, when our potty training son decided to flush one down the toilet, that’s exactly what we paid to have it augured out.

As we researched the solution to our toddler’s repetitive flushing, we discovered parents across the country lamenting the loss of flushed toys, jewelry, hermit crabs, rare coins and even a Christmas ham—all down the drain. We weren’t alone. And we knew that something had to be done for our fellow parents on the front lines of flush madness.

 But how could we prevent flushing while keeping the toilet OPEN to enable independent potty use? The answer is FlushStop.

It’s a lock for the toilet lever that makes it impossible for young kids to flush foreign objects.

The toilet remains open for children to use the potty freely, but it can only be flushed when an adult is present. The childproofing design is simple for an adult to unlock in 1 second, and then it snaps back into locked position after the toilet is flushed.

 Phew. A simple solution that has given us immeasurable peace of mind during this trying time. We want to share this slice of potty training zen with your family, too. Treat yourself to a FlushStop to save your pipes, your water and your sanity!