Top Five Mom Tips For Potty Training During Holiday Travel. Some Might Surprise You!

December 20, 2016 Suzanne Barish

We asked parents to share their expert advice on holiday travel with little ones learning to use the toilet, and here are the top five tips that they gave us:


1) Pack Your Own Potty. Whether you're road tripping up to Aunt Mildred's or flying across the country for a family reunion, a small travel potty or potty seat will get the job done along the way.  Sarah H. from Cincinnati can attest that riding with the potty in tow saved her family from a saucy fate after they regretfully set out on the road for a 3-hour ride with a toddler packed full of lunchtime tacos.

2) Avoid holiday plumbing disasters with FlushStop. If you're staying at a relative's house this season, bring them good tidings by placing a FlushStop under their toilet handle. It will prevent little curious hands from over-flushing the toilet, or worse, flushing a mystery object down the toilet just for fun. That way, you can keep the toilet accessible for little ones to use it independently; but the parents can supervise flushing--just in case...

3) Road Trippin Padded Undies. The road can be unforgiving to potty training families. Just after your fifth pit-stop in an hour, the urge can crop up with nary a public restroom or even a clump of trees in sight. If you fear the worst-case scenario, then it's okay to get yourself some insurance just this one time and stick on a pair of pull-ups for the ride. Or, you can insert a panty liner into their regular underwear just while they're in the car seat. No worries--we won't tell a soul. 

4) Potty Stockings.  Keep your reward system going strong with a special holiday twist. Pack a stocking full of stickers and little treats that they can earn for successful potty use all vacation long. Each time they get the job done properly, you pull out the stocking and they get to choose from the enticing bag of holiday goodies.

5) Get Cozy In the Bathroom Of Your Holiday Digs. When you stay at a new place, introduce your little one to the bathroom right away. Make sure that they know how to get there and how to operate the basic amenities. If they have to figure it out alone and they make a mis-step, it could lead to a fear that keeps them from using the bathroom all weekend long.  Even if you have to hang out in the bathroom and read a book or two, it's worth the investment!

We hope you have a happy, dry holiday season!