What Are The Best Toilet Locks?

May 15, 2017 Suzanne Barish

When kids become curious about the potty, they can wreak havoc on your toilet, your bathroom and your pipes. The good news is that the child safety and potty training markets now offer a diverse selection of locks that keep your little one from making mischief or getting into a dangerous situation in the bathroom. Every family's needs are different, so here's a list of locks that might work for your family.

Side Clamping Lid Locks

Photo: Mommy's Little Helper/ Bed, Bath & Beyond

Locking the toilet lid prevents children from climbing into the toilet, playing in the toilet when they're young enough to fall in and drown, or doing mischievous things in the toilet. It's best used before children begin to potty train, since it shuts the toilet lid completely.

Swing Shut Lid Locks

Photo: Safety 1st/Bed, Bath & Beyond

Offering a slightly different angle to the Lid Lock, the Swing Shut Toilet Lock secures the toilet lid shut from the back, instead of the side. Depending on your child's dexterity, the design differences are intended to help you find the lock most likely to hold up to your child's curious fingers.

 Baby Safety Locks



A multi-purpose package of locks that can securely shut your toilet lid, cabinets, pet food containers and any other spaces that you want to prevent your baby from exploring.

Toilet Handle Locks


FlushStop is the only product that locks the toilet lever, instead of the lid. It is designed to prevent young children from obsessively flushing and flushing foreign objects while they learn to use the potty independently.