Why We Lock The Toilet Handle, Not The Toilet Lid

May 05, 2017 Suzanne Barish

When we potty trained our son, we had the pleasure of auguring a flushed washcloth out of the toilet. Our son had done what millions of potty training toddlers do: he got curious. And, he tapped into his toddler superpowers to create colossal damage in the blink of an eye.  We knew then that we needed to protect the toilet as he learned appropriate flushing behavior, so we looked into the options available to parents in our position. 

Friends recommended toilet lid locks. So, we checked them out. Toilet lid locks keep the toilet lid clamped down to prevent very young children from falling into the potty and drowning. Since we had a toddler who was well beyond the danger of falling into the toilet, we thought it would confuse him if we locked the toilet lid while we were encouraging him to use the potty independently. Plus, it doesn't stop kids from flushing, which was our central problem. But, we discovered that there were no specific solutions to prevent flushing while keeping the potty open and accessible to kids who are learning to use it.

Ultimately, we invented the solution: FlushStop, the first and only childproof toilet lever lock. It prevents plumbing disasters caused by our kids' compulsive, repetitive or mischievous flushing. We sell it to help the families who are dealing with the same flushing issues that we dealt with and to help countless more families avoid those issues completely.

If you're in the market for a toilet lock, your family may need an actual lid lock or you may benefit more from a toilet lever lock. Here are some signs indicating that your child needs a FlushStop.

  • Shows interest in using the toilet or already uses the toilet independently
  • Fixates on the flusher
  • Places foreign objects in the toilet or plays in the toilet
  • Repeatedly tries to flush the toilet

When you have more than one young child in the house, it's also a good idea to have a FlushStop in place as a preventative measure. It will protect the pipes from the younger kids' experimental flushing while the toilet remains available for the potty training or potty trained kids to use.

The purpose of FlushStop is to give you peace of mind while your children learn the rules of potty use. The device is simple for an adult to unlock when it's time to supervise flushing. As you teach them appropriate flushing behavior, you can rest assured that FlushStop has your back just in case they try to sneak a doll head or an entire roll of toilet paper down the drain on a whim.